Ulf Evenås Shihan; Saito Sensei's Technical Heir
Takemusu Aikido

Adelaide Takemusu Aikido Club is a friendly group of dedicated aikido practitioners who study the traditional style of Aikido as perpetuated by Ulf Evenås Shihan.

Our study of Aikido includes a comprehensive range of techniques in taijutsu (open-handed technique), bokken (wooden sword) and jo (wooden staff).
Our practice is focused on being martially effective without relying on strength or having to resort to damaging an opponent.

Please feel welcome to come and try Aikido with us!
We have several Locations (Colonel Light Gardens, Trinity Gardens, Old Reynella and the Adelaide Hills)
Call, send an e-mail, or just show up for practice if you want to try a class or two.
For Class timetable, please refer to the Event Calendar.
Our fees are outlined here.

Contact our Head Instructor:
Peter Noble
0434 44 88 92